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and remember we now have a twitter feed

A twitter feed ( that all are encouraged to use as you see fit. Tell us about the logistics hurdle you have just jumped or fieldwork site that turns out to be exciting or seminar you just gave or something.

Do try and use a mugshot of yourself on your twitter account, dont be shy. Jenny for one wants to work out who everyone is

We appoint our first two PDRAs to the project to start in early 2013

Staff appointments
Two PDRA positions have now been filled by very good candidates:
The terrestrial geology PDRA to work with Rich at Liverpool – Dr Matt Burke. He is an experienced and highly motivated fieldworker with a string of really good publications and should be able to hit the ground running on our project. His PhD was on GPR of esker sediments in Iceland and Alaska and he has recently returned from a postdoc position in British Columbia.

The Geochronology PDRA to work with Derek, Stewart and Steve in Glasgow – Dr David Small. He has just finished and had his viva on a very closely related PhD topic, which should ensure a smooth start for us; ‘The Deglaciation of the Northwest Sector of the Last British-Irish Ice Sheet: Integrating Onshore and Offshore Data Relating to Chronology and Behaviour’. You should check out his paper just published in Geology on Laurentide IRD found close to Scotland, and he has also worked on cosmogenic dating of the parallel roads of Glen Roy, with Derek.

Both will be starting in January, please welcome them to the project and no doubt you will hear from them soon as the terrestrial fieldwork planning activities step up a gear and the legacy archive of dates starts being dissected.